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Intersection Visibility – Portland Parking Ordinance

This is not as thorough as Oregon state law, ORS 811.550 (17) , which also carries a “no parking within 20ft of crosswalks” provision. I believe enforcing this law in Portland would help make our crossings safer, while generating revenue that could fund sidewalk and crossing improvements citywide. Many SUV’s, pick up trucks and even […]


Departure sight triangles provide adequate sight distance for a stopped driver on a minor roadway to depart from the intersection and enter or cross the major roadway. These sight triangles should be provided in each quadrant of a controlled intersection. via Sight Distance traffic handbook

Sight Triangle

Q: What is a sight triangle? A sight triangle is a triangular portion of land where roadways intersect. For safety reasons sight triangles must remain open so they do not obstruct or limit the views of motorists or pedestrians entering or leaving the intersection. Sight Triangle – the area of visibility required on a […]

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