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My letter to the editor: Focus on root causes of traffic crashes, not the victims

Printed in the Feb 12, 2011 edition of the Oregonian. In response to the editorial “Needed: wary walkers“: It is heartening to see that The Oregonian shares the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition’s concern about the safety of walking. We agree that all road users need to share the road and be mindful of others. This is […]

The Manual: Uniformity vs. Innovation in Traffic Design

The shape of our road network is governed by strict uniformity guidelines set at the national level. Sometimes dubious requirements to widen highways and reduce traffic limit the local transportation engineer, who is forced to use old tools to fix new problems. With Portland, Oregon as backdrop and bicycling as a highlight, city traffic engineer […]

Building Portland’s Bicycling Future: If Not Now, When?

There is a great piece on BikePortland that sums up many of the challenges our local political leadership has faced (and created) when it comes to our bicycling future.  Some reactions to the story paint Jonathan’s article as overly negative or feel that it ignores the many bike improvements we’ve enjoyed in 2010. I have […]

Recent Tragedy was not an “Accident”

My letter to the editors of The Oregonian regarding their editorial policy on crash reporting: Dear Editors: As reported in The Oregonian (Portland police accuse motorist of negligent homicide after he struck and killed a pedestrian on SW Barbur), Angela Burke’s death is a horrific tragedy. My heart goes out to her family and friends […]


Audio “Enough with the damn bikes, you know the safety on these streets.. my god” Portland area driver states her displeasure with focus on bicycle development. “They’re using all our resources, we’re spending all our money on them” Actually, the Portland Bureau of Transportation has only spent 0.7% […]

What’s the best intersection in Portland, Oregon?

Pedestrian killed during hit and run in Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Major Crash Team responded to the scene and the victim, a 39-year-old male, was taken to the hospital. Police said he later died from his injuries. Investigators said it appears the victim was intoxicated at the time he was hit and was not in a crosswalk. The driver of the […]


BridgePedal, an annual tradition in Portland, closes many highways and other roads to allow bicyclists to enjoy these resources otherwise restricted to only automobiles.  Imagine if all road users had such access to these very expensive assets, that provide public space, amazing views, and great routing for cyclists and pedestrians.

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