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Documenting Yield-Law Violations in New York City, but Where Are the Police?

Link: Documenting Yield-Law Violations in New York City, but Where Are the Police? Motorists commit about three potentially life-threatening traffic violations every minute at city intersections, clocking in at a stunning 157 each hour, according to the Transportation Alternatives report: From Chaos to Compliance. And drivers don’t give way to pedestrians, cyclists, and […]

Beaverton, Oregon – Wait 5 years for safe school crossing?

Someone named “Elaine” left a comment about her experiences trying to improve the transportation environment around a new public school in Beaverton (about 8 miles west of Portland). She wrote (emphasis mine): “As a PE teacher helping to open a new public school in Beaverton, I find myself up against a […]

What’s the best intersection in Portland, Oregon?


Any object within the sight triangle that would obstruct the driver’s view of an approaching vehicle (4.25ft in height) should be removed or modified or appropriate traffic control devices should be installed as per the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Obstructions within sight triangles could be buildings, vehicles, hedges, trees, bushes, tall crops, walls, […]


Departure sight triangles provide adequate sight distance for a stopped driver on a minor roadway to depart from the intersection and enter or cross the major roadway. These sight triangles should be provided in each quadrant of a controlled intersection. via Sight Distance traffic handbook

Every Corner is a Crosswalk, Every Crosswalk is an Intersection

You must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians crossing at specially marked pedestrian crossings or crossovers. Remember, signalling does not give you the right-of-way. You must make sure the way is clear. via

Attention All Drivers

Anyone who walks, drives, or bikes around a city knows the frustration when someone doesn’t yield apropriately. Like Sara says: Pedestrians always have the right of way. Always always always. ESPECIALLY when they follow all of the rules. When I press the button for the crosswalk and it gives me the walk […]

Hoboken, New Jersey: 25ft of intersection clearance

In Hoboken, NJ, the law is no parking within 25 feet of a crosswalk. There is a very small, painted stripe to help drivers know where the parking zone starts.  This demonstrates a very affordable way to “sign” intersections should a similar intersection buffer law be enacted in Portland. This is a complaint from […]

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