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Intersection Visibility – Portland Parking Ordinance

This is not as thorough as Oregon state law, ORS 811.550 (17) , which also carries a “no parking within 20ft of crosswalks” provision. I believe enforcing this law in Portland would help make our crossings safer, while generating revenue that could fund sidewalk and crossing improvements citywide. Many SUV’s, pick up trucks and even […]


via Streets Blog Visibility and eye contact are essential to avoiding conflict at a crossing, but visual communication between different street users is greatly impaired when parked cars crowd an intersection (see diagrams above). Daylighting clears away this visual obstacle and improves safety, especially for children, who have difficulty seeing and being […]

103rd Street Repaired – Parking Removed

I’m pleased to report that this “Dangerous Intersection” is a thing of the past, thanks to the responsiveness of the NYC Department of Transportation and  Margaret Forgione, DOT Manhattan Borough Commissioner.  On May 4, Forgione emailed: Our Borough Engineering Office completed an investigation of this location.  As a result, a new order was […]

Successful Intersection Repair – Parking Diet for Pedestrians in NYC

Link: Successful Intersection Repair – Parking Diet for Pedestrians in NYC


Daylighting is a simple pedestrian safety measure achieved by removing parking spaces adjacent to curbs around an intersection, increasing visibility for pedestrians and drivers and minimizing conflicts. It’s beneficial to young and old, but is especially helpful to children, who often cannot see, or be seen by, oncoming traffic. By removing parking adjacent to […]

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