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Intersection Visibility – Portland Parking Ordinance

This is not as thorough as Oregon state law, ORS 811.550 (17) , which also carries a “no parking within 20ft of crosswalks” provision. I believe enforcing this law in Portland would help make our crossings safer, while generating revenue that could fund sidewalk and crossing improvements citywide. Many SUV’s, pick up trucks and even […]

Recent Tragedy was not an “Accident”

My letter to the editors of The Oregonian regarding their editorial policy on crash reporting: Dear Editors: As reported in The Oregonian (Portland police accuse motorist of negligent homicide after he struck and killed a pedestrian on SW Barbur), Angela Burke’s death is a horrific tragedy. My heart goes out to her family and friends […]


“Over a 10 minute period, I counted over 200 cars that didn’t stop.  Only 42 did.” – Katherine Scott, ABC Action News The flagrant violation of most cars through this stop-light represents a mockery of traffic enforcement in Philadelphia.  All this at a time when Philadelphia Police are warning that a […]

Documenting Yield-Law Violations in New York City, but Where Are the Police?

Link: Documenting Yield-Law Violations in New York City, but Where Are the Police? Motorists commit about three potentially life-threatening traffic violations every minute at city intersections, clocking in at a stunning 157 each hour, according to the Transportation Alternatives report: From Chaos to Compliance. And drivers don’t give way to pedestrians, cyclists, and […]

Attention All Drivers

Anyone who walks, drives, or bikes around a city knows the frustration when someone doesn’t yield apropriately. Like Sara says: Pedestrians always have the right of way. Always always always. ESPECIALLY when they follow all of the rules. When I press the button for the crosswalk and it gives me the walk […]


Daylighting is a simple pedestrian safety measure achieved by removing parking spaces adjacent to curbs around an intersection, increasing visibility for pedestrians and drivers and minimizing conflicts. It’s beneficial to young and old, but is especially helpful to children, who often cannot see, or be seen by, oncoming traffic. By removing parking adjacent to […]

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