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5 Years of Using a Bike as Transport

I realized tonight that my 5 year anniversary is coming up fairly soon. The anniversary of my starting to ride a bike again after abandoning it once I got a drivers license… and also had that regrettable infatuation with rollerblades, but let’s not talk about that :0) However, being the geek that I am, […]


BridgePedal, an annual tradition in Portland, closes many highways and other roads to allow bicyclists to enjoy these resources otherwise restricted to only automobiles.  Imagine if all road users had such access to these very expensive assets, that provide public space, amazing views, and great routing for cyclists and pedestrians.


When New York City opened up new pedestrian zones in the heart of Midtown this summer, naysayers predicted a traffic nightmare. Nearly two months later, we’re still waiting for the much-feared Carmaggedon. In this video, Streetfilms funder Mark Gorton takes us on a tour of Broadway’s car-free squares and boulevard-style blocks, where conditions have […]

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