My letter to the editor: Focus on root causes of traffic crashes, not the victims

Printed in the Feb 12, 2011 edition of the Oregonian.

In response to the editorial “Needed: wary walkers“: It is heartening to see that The Oregonian shares the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition’s concern about the safety of walking. We agree that all road users need to share the road and be mindful of others. This is why WPC is actively involved in educational outreach programs throughout the region to help people understand their rights and responsibilities on the road.

We do take walking seriously, and we want to see more attention brought to the underlying issues that can make walking dangerous: high vehicular speeds and dangerous intersections. Traffic-safety models around the world have shown that focusing on speed and auto-traffic volumes provides the most demonstrable safety improvements for all modes. Let’s learn those hard-won lessons from others and apply them in Oregon.

This is the time to work together to make our roads safer and calmer for all.

Northeast Portland
Bozzone is on the board of the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition.

Special thanks to Stephanie Routh and Phil Selinger for their contributions and help coordinating this response on behalf of WPC.

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