Intersection Visibility – Portland Parking Ordinance

This is not as thorough as Oregon state law, ORS 811.550 (17) , which also carries a “no parking within 20ft of crosswalks” provision. I believe enforcing this law in Portland would help make our crossings safer, while generating revenue that could fund sidewalk and crossing improvements citywide. Many SUV’s, pick up trucks and even mini-vans are over 6ft.

Portland Ordinance 16.20.130 – Prohibited in Specified Places.

(Amended by Ord. No. 165594, July 8, 1992.) Except when specifically directed by authority of this Title or when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic, it is unlawful to park or stop a vehicle in any of the following places:

A. Within 50 feet of an intersection when:

1. The vehicle or a view obstructing attachment to the vehicle is more than 6 feet in height; or

2. Vehicle design, modification, or load obscures the visibility or view of approaching traffic, any traffic control sign, any traffic control signal, or any pedestrian in a crosswalk.

This regulation does not apply to the area of the street where the direction of traffic is leaving an intersection on a one-way street.

Access the complete version of Portland’s Parking Ordinances.

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