Protecting People in Cars from Snowballs

Two recent incidents indicate that even 2-ton metal boxes are not enough to protect car drivers from an errant snowball.  The snowballs were apparently such a threat, that these people brandished fire arms to demonstrate their concern.

First, a Washington DC Detective pulled a gun after his 2.5 ton, 15ft Hummer was pelted with snowballs.

The city’s police chief slammed a veteran detective Monday for pulling a gun during a mass snowball fight that had been advertised on Twitter.

Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier said she watched video clips from the confrontation and has no doubt the off-duty detective pulled his gun after snowballs hit his personal car during Saturday’s record snowfall.

via NY TimesWatch the video.

Second, Alexander Guissepe Lamme of Beaverton pulled a gun on a family after his Land Rover SUV was struck by snowballs.  Allegedly the gun was fake, but the intent remains the same.

Considering that neither driver faced any real threat from these snowballs, these incidents exemplify the ever-present view that cars are extensions of humans.

This sort of behavior from people in cars makes actual vulnerable road users appear downright heroic.

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