Portland’s Most Dangerous Intersections

A potential list of future case studies.

These intersections saw the most crashes involving pedestrians between 1996 and 2005:

S.E. 82nd at Powell: 19
W. Burnside at Fourth: 13
N. Interstate at Lombard: 11
S.E. 82nd at Foster: 11
S.E. 39th at Hawthorne: 10
S.E. 46th at Woodstock: 10
W. Burnside at Sixth: 9
S.E. 13th at Tacoma: 9
W. Burnside at Second: 8
W. Burnside at Third: 8
N.E. Failing at MLK: 8
N.E. Killingsworth at MLK: 8
S.E. 39th at Belmont: 8
N.E. 82nd at Jonesmore: 8
S.E. 122nd at Powell: 8

Source: City of Portland via The Oregonian

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