“Enough with the damn bikes, you know the safety on these streets.. my god”

Portland area driver states her displeasure with focus on bicycle development.

“They’re using all our resources, we’re spending all our money on them”

Actually, the Portland Bureau of Transportation has only spent 0.7% of it’s capital improvement budget since 2000 on bicycle-related projects.

The entire cost of Portland’s bicycle system is 60 million dollars. Wonder what that equates to for car-centric development? About 1 mile of freeway.

Still, it is good to hear from drivers.  Because we’re in the middle of a revolution, a sea change of how we get around, there is bound to be plenty of opposition.  How can we reconcile the perception vs reality here?  For instance gas-tax revenue, which funds most of PBOT’s budget, cannot be used to build bike facilities. 90% of Portland cyclists own cars, and we’re not spending ENOUGH money on bike infrastructure.

via Hard Drive Blog – Only in Portland: Protests of ‘motorist discrimination’

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