Calming the Commute – When cyclists are part of the problem

Link: Calming the Commute – When cyclists are part of the problem

I’m appalled at some of the reactions to this action as perceived inconvenience. Chances are, if you’re activated by this, if you’re really frustrated by this action, you are exactly the intended audience.

That may not speak well for the effectiveness of this action, but certainly the BTA and the WPC are being creative here. We can advocate for more space, more bridges and such all we want, but until they are built, this is a wonderfully creative solution.

I think cyclists need to take the lead in understanding and accommodating other vulnerable road users. Slowing down is about more than inconvenience, it could mean the difference between life or death. And you know what? Your rush is just not worth it.

Cyclists feel this way about cars frequently, now try on a new pair of shoes and cross the Hawthorne bridge as a pedestrian during rush hour. It’s horrifying, and that’s unfortunately due to the lack of appropriate allocation of road space for active transportation.

Until we get a full lane on that bridge, we’ll have to mitigate this congestion by slowing down, remaining calm, and being polite. Anything less brings the entire bike community down with it.

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