Road Rage Against Bicyclists

Road rage is a great example of projection.  At the heart of it, perhaps Matt G. is genuinely worried about the safety of said bicyclist.  That doesn’t stop him from projecting a quite violent rage towards this scofflaw cyclist in Colorado.

It’s interesting that some people become so activated by cyclists, and certainly this driver is entitled to his dissapointment. The problem is that drivers are wielding a potential murder weapon while they project this anger on a defenseless cyclist or pedestrian.  I don’t think personal injury should be the price for running a red light.

Regardless, some folks develop an impression of cyclists as rude road sharers, inconviencing their driving experience.  I think this is a great synopsis of some of the classic complaints about cyclists, and speaks to polarized assumptions concerning why someone is riding a bike (they’re privedged, scofflaw elitists, of course!)

To everyone who rides their bicycles on the road: JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE ON A BIKE DOESN’T MEAN THE RULES OF THE ROAD DON’T APPLY TO YOU.

I was sitting at a stop light at a fairly busy intersection today. While I was waiting for the left turn arrows to go red (I was going straight) some jackass on a bike came out of nowhere, went past me and ran the red light. I was incensed (and still am) and would not have felt the least bit sad if I had “accidentally” ran him over. Being a reasonably sane individual, I didn’t run him over. Instead, I did the next best thing: accelerate as fast as I could when the light turned green, rev my engine as loud as I could and pass him as closely as possible while flipping him the bird.

The message didn’t appear to register with him, because his look of smug entitlement and superiority remained on his face and his skintight bodysuit. I wouldn’t be so angry if this was an isolated incident, but I constantly see bicyclists rolling through stop signs and passing numerous stopped cars at traffic lights for the sole purpose of making every single car on the road have to move over to pass you and completely f**king up traffic.

I’m not exactly sure what the actual laws are (I’m pretty sure they don’t allow bicyclists to cruise through red lights), and I really don’t care. If you’re travelling on a road, you need to follow the rules of the road. Just because your method of transportation is healthier and more environmentally friendly shouldn’t entitle you to completely break all the rules of the road.

I don’t have anything against reasonable bicyclists (although there seem to be few). I would honestly bike nearly everywhere if it were economically viable. But please obey the rules of the road for your own safety and for my mental health.

I would argue it’s time to start talking about less space for cars, everywhere.  Our existing infrastructure needs to be properly adapted to allow for proper road sharing between the major modes of transportation: walking, driving, transit, and biking. This sort of frustration is likely to escalate as more and more people shift to bicycles as their primary source of transportation.  We’ve given cars way too much space already.

Think of every intersection as a communal space, a meeting place.  Right now, most intersections are simply dead zones that we’ve sacrificed to cars.  Now is the time for major repair.

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